Ship Shape and the Data Science Academy (DSA) at Cardiff University, part of The School of Computer Science and Informatics are proud to announce a unique opportunity to collaborate and work alongside one another to provide learning and address real-world problems.

Who are the DSA and Ship Shape?

The DSA delivers a suite of postgraduate degrees which have been specifically designed to meet the needs of industry and incorporate elements of project-based learning which allow students and external organisations to engage directly. The DSA has been designed to respond to increasing demand for employment-ready graduates with the appropriate level of skill and specialist knowledge relating to data science, cyber security and artificial intelligence.

We’re very pleased to be working with Ship Shape on this project. Undertaking industry-facing projects Is a great way for students to apply the skills that they’ve learnt during their studies to real world challenges. It’s also an excellent way for companies to engage directly with our students with a view to future graduate recruitment.

- Mathew Turner, Industry and External Engagement Manager For School of Computer Science and Informatics

Ship Shape is built and powered by AI from the ground up providing deep and meaningful intelligence to those in the VC industry. By using advanced techniques, Ship Shape are able to deliver a level of detail and personalisation that is unmatched. Ship Shape prides itself on continued growth both technologically and personally; as a result, both Ship Shape and the DSA recognise a symbiotic relationship that yields tremendous benefit for both.

We are excited to start our collaboration with Cardiff’s DSA, and see these And future projects as engines for growth. The talent in Cardiff is spectacularly strong! We’re delighted to offer the MSc students a chance to work in a professional environment so they see a firm ‘behind the scenes’. They will be well-equipped to launch straight into a fruitful career

- Alistair Baillie, Ship Shape Co-Founder & COO

The gaps identified

Ship Shape has identified several gaps within the VC industry that can be addressed using Data Science techniques, which will have a significant impact on the VC industry and the wider funding space.

These gaps are complex, but working together, Ship Shape and the DSA aim to:

  1. Collate and produce a well-trusted, complete, and immediately available source of deal history in the UK.
  2. Use primary source data to show themes within the VC industry.

A collaborative effort

Together, Ship Shape and the DSA can close these gaps that will not only allow students to apply their current skills and further develop their knowledge, but further recognise their own input and contribution to addressing a real-world problems. By combining the drive of the aspirational graduates from the DSA and the support from Ship Shape, we aim to address these gaps with a high level of confidence.

This project will last 12 weeks and marks the beginning of the great relationship between Ship Shape and Cardiff University’s DSA. Keep an eye out for more updates from both Ship Shape and DSA through all social media accounts and websites.




Ship Shape is a investor search platform that saves time by finding the right individual for the right venture

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Ship Shape

Ship Shape

Ship Shape is a investor search platform that saves time by finding the right individual for the right venture

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